Your benefit from your measurement data: Experience and know-how on demand

Our acoustic gas temperature measurement system AGAM provides a lot of new information about your combustion chamber. Data which may show a great potential for improvement in case they are properly interpreted and used. Often, the new measuring data raise the following questions:

  • Are there permanent imbalances? Should the general setting of the combustion be optimized?
  • Which potential results from better general settings? Can the excess air be reduced?
  • How does combustion control respond optimally to the deviations which can now be earlier detected?
  • How can changes / achievements be identified and quantified?
  • How far can air control, primary/secondary ratio and control characteristics be improved?
  • How can short-term asymmetries and variations be compensated with the active balancing control?
  • How can AGAM measurement and SNCR be integrated even better? How can the configuration of the measurement and the concept of injection be coordinated optimally?
  • Does a boiler operate efficient in comparison to similar installations?
  • ...

That's why we do not leave you alone with the measurement results and provide you with our experience. You will thus benefit from the expertise of more than 20 years of AGAM in use, more than 200 installations and the operation of our own incineration plant.

Precise analysis, clear recommendations for action and quantitative evaluation

Our analyses are as accurate as the measurement results of our systems. We make no secret of our methods of analysis and are glad to share our know-how an expertise with you. After analysing, we develop clear measures and recommendations for action and we quantify success precisely.

Case study Moerdijk

We installed our acoustic gas temperature measurement system AGAM in the incineration plant Moerdijk and provided technical consultancy and support during the implementation of the automated active balancing control and the combustion control. The following quantified results were

  • 60-90 % less corrosion
  • 8 % more throughput
  • 6 % higher availability
  • 54 % less natural gas consumption
  • 2 % lower on-site power consumption
  • 29 % less use of ammonia for the SNCR

Product-independent advice

In general, the precise and structured data gathered from AGAM or INDAS are the basis for our engineering services. But even without this basis we have already achieved considerable improvements in the combustion. As a consequence, many customers have decided to use our AGAM system.

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