Our self-image

With curiosity and pioneering spirit to further success in the niche

Someone who walks through the world with open eyes, recognizes many unsolved problems. With the determination to tackle them, we have developed technical solutions for different industries since our foundation. Mostly in niches where the paths were not yet worn out and pioneering spirit was required.

Solutions for individual problems

Our customers' requirements are always individual. That's why we offer individual solutions which fulfil these requirements. We integrate our solutions also into unusual system landscapes and adapt them to system-specific requirements.

With the changing world and yet a fixed constant

We welcome the change and are not fixed to our old solutions. But we are aware of their importance for our customers. That's why we take responsibility and continue to maintain these solutions even if we have further developed the technology. Our customers come from industries where plants are operated over a long period of time and appreciate our combination of flexibility, innovation and the reliability to get support for our products even after many years.

Finding the best solution again and again

We firmly believe to find a better solution again and again. This conviction gives us the motivation to put our results into question and to find new, better solutions. Thomas Edison with his claim “There's a way to do it better - find it.” would have fit into our team very well.

Perseverance, hard work and bite

For new and challenging tasks know-how solely is not enough. In these cases, our team has the strong will to meet the challenge. We will not stop until we have found a good solution for our customer.

Diversity instead of conformity

Since our employees develop their individual personalities freely, the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Different perspectives are mutually beneficial and lead to exceptional solutions.

Freedom, personal responsibility and flat hierarchies

Where people have the freedom to make their own decisions, they take responsibility. This conviction is rooted in our corporate culture since our foundation. That’s why we don’t have rigid hierarchies or bureaucratic processes, but employees who are reliable partners for our customers and care for an issue until it's done.

Strict in the matter, fair in dealing

Success is the result of hard work and tireless efforts. For permanent success all must join together. That’s why fairness plays a big role for us – in the team as well as in the relationship with our customers, partners and suppliers.