Monitoring, Analyzing, Controlling

With INDAS you make the most of your process data

INDAS combines process data, regardless of the source (from which they are) and in what format they are available. In more than 400 individual installations we have created interfaces even to the most exotic data sources – because only full integration allows true transparency. The number of data channels is unlimited, installations with more than 8,000 channels have been successfully used for many years.

Monitoring: The complete installation in a desktop control station

Thanks to the integrated process data, with INDAS you can monitor your system from your desk. Traffic light representations direct your attention quickly to where it is required. On process images with different levels of detail the cause of deviations and problems may be found quickly.

In many places the interaction of several factors is more important than the individual values themselves. Therefore INDAS provides the ability to process any values without requiring any programming skills.

Current data are not always sufficient for an effective diagnosis. The development of the values overtime tells a lot about the current status of the process. Therefore, with just a few clicks, INDAS creates transparency regarding the development of the respective process data. Ideally, you may quickly identify any potential problems before they arise. As you cannot always be sitting at your desk, INDAS will inform you on request by SMS when thresholds defined by you are exceeded.

Analyzing: Recognizing optimization potentials

You have your system under control. But does it run optimally? Do you exploit all potentials for optimization? Are there any relationships between the process data which have not been recognized so far?

With INDAS process data will not be lost any more; they will be safe and stored in a structured manner. You will get access to the data treasure of the entire period since the system has been installed and will retrospectively recognize any trends and correlations that would otherwise be lost in the hectic daily business.

This data recording is also essential for quality assurance. With the integrated reporting of INDAS you will create transparency regarding the process parameters – for individual products or batches as well as for entire periods of operation.

Controlling: Maintaining Control / staying in the driver's seat

If you have recognized critical operating states or optimization potentials with INDAS, usually interventions in the system are the consequence. With INDAS you can do this comfortably from your desktop control station. So you will keep your system always under control.

Also technical and commercial processes do not run independent from each other. With interfaces to SAP-R/3 and MS Office, INDAS also supports the commercial management of the system.

INDAS Highlights

INDAS system sketch
INDAS system sketch
  • More than 80 functions to computer and link data
  • SOAP interface for data exchange with any application
  • More than 30 drivers for system integration
  • Data management and archiving for any data volume
  • Offline evaluations possible
  • Client operating systems: Windows XP, Win 7, Win 8.1, Win 10
  • Support of terminal servers
  • Server operating systems: Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012
  • Staggered authorization system
  • Historical process image

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