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2010 to present – Also used in steel mills

B&D presents in 2018 the new generation of the AGAM System AGAM G3. The system includes a new modular and smart hardware and a perfectly matching new software.

After several years of development AGAM is also used in steel plants since 2010. Stricter requirements and more complex applications in power plants and waste incineration plants give the motivation for the continuous development of our systems.

2000-2010 – More complex diagnoses and active balancing control

In the 2000s, we develop our products constantly. This opens up new fields, particularly for AGAM: Complex diagnoses and active balancing control are becoming increasingly important.

1990-2000 - Acoustic gas temperature measurement

In 1991, with AGAMwe set new standards for the temperature measurement above furnaces in power plants and waste incineration plants. The acoustic gas temperature measurement is initially used for denitrification and the diagnosis of furnaces. In the mid 1990s, AGAM is used for combustion control and the measurement according to 17th BImSchV.

1980-1990 – Incinerators and operational data management

In the 1980s, we supplement our range of performance by services for conventional power plants, incineration plants (hazardous waste, municipal waste, sewage sludge) and chemical plants. At this time, the focus is on the approval of flue gas cleaning systems in large power plants, on safety and environment, engineering and approval procedures as well as construction supervision.

In the mid 1980s, with INDAS we develop one of the first PC-based operating data management systems. Thanks to consistent and continuous development now more than 400 customer installations with partially over 8.000 channels are in use.

In the 1980s and 1990s, we operate our own incinerator for hazardous waste. In this facility we develop and test the “wet” furnace coke adsorber for deposition of dioxin and mercury.

1970-1980 – Focus on Nuclear Technology

In the 1970s, the focus of our work is on nuclear issues. We work for all nuclear reactor types, for the storage and disposal as well as for the reprocessing.

During this time, we start with the development of the H3/C14 collector for exhaust air monitoring of nuclear facilities, which still sets the standard in terms of detection limits and reliability today.

1971 – Bonnenberg & Drescher is founded