Measuring 3H and 14C easily, safely and reliably

In the exhaust air from nuclear power plants, nuclear research facilities, reprocessing plants, disposal sites and isotope laboratories, the content of tritium (3H or T) and radioactive carbon (14C) must be measured. During the dismantling of such plants, the air monitoring is required by law.

Our H3/C14 collector provides a simple, safe and procedurally approved method for monitoring the air on the radioactive isotopes 3H and 14C.

The system benefits at a glance

  • Closed adsorber cartridge
  • No hazardous materials or liquids in the collection system
  • Easy cartridge exchange
  • Safe handling
  • Easy transportation of the adsorber cartridge
  • Acknowledged accuracy

The collection phase

In the collection phase, the metering system directs a precisely defined quantity of exhaust air as measurement air through the adsorber cartridge of the H3/C14 collector. Inside the cartridge, the measurement air is passed through a zeolite molecular sieve which adsorbs radioactive steam (HTO) and radioactive carbon dioxide (14C02) and binds it permanently to the zeolite molecular sieve.

If, in addition, radioactive inorganic hydrogen (HT) and radioactive organic hydrocarbon compounds of the isotopes 3H and 14C are recognized, the measurement air is, in a further process step, directed over a heated catalyst. Thus, the two compounds are oxidized and converted to HTO or 14CO2, which will be collected in a second adsorber cartridge.

The cartridge change

The change of the adsorber cartridge is easy, safe and fast. Only the two quick connects at the ends of the cartridge must be loosened. This automatically secures the content of the cartridge, a key security feature of the collector. Then the cartridge can be removed without further security measures as it contains no hazardous substances or liquids. The used cartridge must be secured and the new cartridge can quickly and easily be installed.

The evaluation

Since the adsorber cartridge contains no hazardous materials and shields the radioactive isotopes inside the metal shell, the delivery to an external laboratory can be carried out without any special safety measures. A storage of the cartridge for later evaluation is also possible. In the laboratory, the preparation and analysis of the amount of the collected isotopes is also performed.

H3/C14 collector in your plant

Since 1982, more than 200 nuclear power plants rely on our H3/C14 collectors for the exhaust measurement. Feel free to contact us! We will be glad to demonstrate how easy, safe and reliable air monitoring can be performed with our monitoring system.


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